In order to meet your needs while ensuring the comfort of users, we have developed and designed 3 models of ice baths to improve the recovery of athletes after exercise. 

Bassin 2 marches


Ideal model for tall people, the absence of the third step allows a space saving and a better comfort in the ice bath. 

Bassin 3 marches


The iconic model of the range. It allows you to adapt the depth of immersion according to the area of the body to be treated (sitting, standing, whole body). This way you can adjust your ice bath to the ideal posture for your treatment. 

Bassin inox et teck


Our 2 seater standing cold tub model. Here the replacement of the polyester steps with elegant teak & stainless steel steps doubles the available space. Thanks to this, two people can stand inside this ice bath. 

Our different ice baths allow you to minimize your body’s fatigue after an intense workout and benefit from an optimal recovery. This will allow you to stimulate your blood circulation and avoid muscle pain.

Our cold water baths are effective method of recovery after your physical activities thanks to the therminal shock provided by the cold water. The hydrostatic pressure of the water in the pool is also an element allowing this recovery of the body. Thebenefits of this process are felt in the long term on your body.

Bassin Cryobain 3D

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Define the color of your basin 
Personalize the pool with your logo/blazon
Cryobain adapts to your projects by offering 4 to 6 person pool

Technical description


• Made in France
• Fiberglass and polyester resin basin (No thermal loss)
• Stainless steel handrails and steps
• Removable protective cover
• Cooling unit & integrated filtration
• Digital display for temperature control
• Electrical consumption: 5A/day (maximum load)
• Gas type : R410 / TeqCo: 1,04
• Frequency: 50Hz
• Performance : -3°C/hour



• 190x80x120 cm (LxWxH)
• Water height : 90cm
• Capacity of the basin : 500 L
• Empty weight : 180Kg
• Filled weight : 680 Kg 


• Power supply 230v / 1pH / 50Hz
• Standard water inlet (filling the pool)
• Water evacuation (draining of the basin via 1/4 turn valve 1 inch in low point)
• Ventilated room (condensation control) 


• Choice of 3 existing configurations
• Possibility of creating a custom pool to fit your project
• Customize the design with a cold tub in your club’s colors
• Brand your identity with your logo on the outer shell of the pool
• Optional accessories: cartridge filtration 


• CE
• 93/68/CEE relative to the “CE marking
• 97/23/CE relative to the European Directive on pressure equipment “PED”
• EN 378 – 1,2,3,4 governing refrigeration installations
• EN 13133 – governing the qualification of refrigeration engineers
• N.F. EN
• N.F C 15-100 section 701 and 751 

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