Mathieu Daudé

Sports physiotherapist
Cabinet LM Physio

Mathieu Daubé

Mathieu Daudé, sports physiotherapist and physical trainer, practicing in the private practice LM PHYSIO in Mende tells us about the use of Cryobain on a daily basis. 

Mathieu Daubé

What type of recovery do you practice with LM Physio patients ? 

We use recovery protocols alternating hot and cold baths with the use of the Cryobath with the region’s soccer, handball, volleyball and rugby clubs, as well as individual sports such as trail running with, in particular, Mrs. Blandine L’Hirondel, the reigning World Champion in this discipline. We also use it for our patients. 

How do you use Cryobain ? 

We use the Cryobain for several specific purposes: recovery: the return to play or the athlete in the return phase needs to alternate vasoconstriction, vasodilatation but also prevention with specific protocols that have proven their worth. We also use it to perform specific treatments for our patients. 

What are your protocols (duration, temperature, frequency)

We have different protocols (2 times 11 minutes of cold bath at 8 degrees, 3 times 7 minutes of cold bath at 8 degrees) for team sports we have opted for a session at the beginning of the week of Cryobain, for individual sports it’s more à la carte but in general we use it two days before the race.) 

Do you propose different protocols for different pathologies ? 

In the case of acute muscle injury, we do not use it immediately, generally waiting 7 to 10 days for a warm phase. However, to avoid recurrence, we include it very quickly in the sportsman’s planning and programming of his training. For our patients, we recommend Cryobain for analgesic purposes and to fight against heavy legs. For patients suffering from fatigue and general stress, it is a great tool for relaxing the entire body.

Are you satisfied with the center (patients and practitioners) ? 

We are very satisfied at the office with Cryobain. 

What would be the areas of improvement ? 

To improve it perhaps integrate a sound clock because we are obliged to provide the sportsman a stopwatch. 

What are the qualities of the device and the elements that give satisfaction ? 

I think that the strong point of the new Cryobain is that it can be used for two athletes at the same time, which is an undeniable time saver without being very cumbersome. We are delighted with it, it is an indispensable tool in a private practice that wants to take the athlete to the highest level possible with a performance requirement. 

What is the feedback from the patients? Do they go naturally ?

Essentially used for athletes, we were pleasantly surprised that several patients go there regularly and give us excellent feedback on the Cryobain, particularly for pain relief and to drain heavy legs. They go there naturally and it is not a constraint for them but a real need. 

Economically, how did you finance your pool and how do you sell it to your patients ? 

Eliot made us a spread of the payment for the Cryobain which facilitated for us its acquisition, it is really top. We have created cold/hot bath protocols for sports recovery that are not reimbursed by the social security system in order to have a return on investment. 

What are the economic benefits ? 

The economic benefits are satisfactory, but I tend to go further than that, it is an exceptional tool if we want to bring the athlete or the patient as high as possible in terms of performance and in terms of care, moreover it enhances the practice with this exceptional tool. 

Do you recommend cold baths (and Cryobain) ? 

I can’t see myself without such a tool, the after-sales service is great, it’s a very serious and high quality product.